Crescent Model School began as a humble effort by its Late Founder Mr. Ilyas Shaikh, a well known and respected businessman of Mumbai. He envisioned a school in his home town where the students from the rural and the semi-urban areas of Kunda would be able to get quality education easily and affordably.

With this iniative Crescent Model School was started in the year 2007 in the small town of Kunda, Pratapgarh which is situated in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Vision & Mission

Crescent Model School envisions to empower students to gain, use and value knowledge and skills. Knowledge that will help them to take an active role in the life around them and in their society and country. We endeavour our students to contribute to the global society and practise the values of respect to everyone, tolerance & inclusion, and excellence in whatever is done.


At Crescent Model School you will find an alluring atmosphere for the students to develop and nurture their talents and aspirations. Here we provide a balanced mix between old and modern, between urban and rural. Each child is taken through his / her own unique journey during the time spent at Crescent Model School.

Being a school for students only upto class 8 means the school is able to concentrate its efforts on that particular age group of students and their needs in education. Our commitment to every child is such that you as a parent or guardian will be proud of your child's stay at Crescent Model School. I would like to welcome everyone to the warm and homely atmosphere of our school to experience it in person.

Our Activities

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